Index of Authors

Hewitt, K.C.

EGF conjugated gold and silver nanoparticles for imaging EGFR over-expressing cells

Heydari, B.

Challenges in Compact Modeling for RF and Microwave Applications

Heyde, M.

Nanosecond Range Heating and Temperature Measurement on Thin Layers Experiment and Simulation

Heyderi, B.

The Development of Next Generation BSIM for Sub-100nm Mixed-Signal Circuit Simulation

The Development of Next Generation BSIM for Sub-100nm Mixed-Signal Circuit Simulation

Heying, M.

Virtual Probe Microscope

Hickman, J.J.

Utilizing Nanoscale Patterned Proteins to Create Neuronal Cells Circuits

Reflex-arc on a chip: An in silico cell culture analogue

A Behavior of Protein Adsorption on Poly(Ethylene Glycol)-Modified Surfaces under Flow Conditions at Relatively Low Concentrations for Microfluidics Systems

An integrated NMR/nanosensor system for sensitive detection of environmental toxins and harmful microbes

Integration of Living Cells with Silicon Microstructures for MEMS Applications

Hicks, R.

The Challenges Facing Open Access Nanofabrication Facilities

Hidat, G.G.

Poly-Vinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP)-coated Silver (Ag) Nanoparticles (Ag-PVP): a Potential to Regulate Chlamydia trachomatis Inflammation

Hiddessen, A.L.

Biomolecular Patterning via Photocatalytic Lithography

Hieke, A.

Simple ADPL Implementation of a 3D FEM Simulator for Mutual Capacitances of Arbitrarily Shaped Objects Like Interconnects

Influence of Element Size on the Precision and Required Computational Effort for 3D FEM Interconnect Capacitance Simulations of ULSI DRAM Cells

Designing Efficient Computer Experiments for Metamodel Generation

Large Scale FDTD Simulation for Microoptics and Metamaterial Investigations - Current Possibilities and Verification Benchmarks

Development of an Advanced Simulation System for the Analysis of Particle Dynamics in LASER based Protein Ion Sources

Ion Sources for Biomolecules with Controlled Superposition of Electric and Pneumatic Fields