Index of Authors

Heong, Y.W.

MOSFET-Like Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor model

Numerical Study of Carrier Velocity for P-type Strained Silicon MOSFET

Her, B.-S.

Channel-to-rib width ratio effects of flowfield plates in the performance of a micro-PEM fuel cell stack

Herchl, F.

DC and AC dielectric properties transformer oil based magnetic fluid

Herfst, R.W.

The static behavior of RF MEMS capacitive switches in contact

Herges, T.

Stochastic Optimization Methods for Biomolecular Structure Prediction

Herges, Th.

Low Energy Conformations of a Three-Helix Peptide in a All-Atom Biomolecular Forcefield

Herlihy, K.P.

Imprint Lithography-Based, Multimodal Contrast Agents and the Effect of Shape and Size on Biodistribution

Hermann, J.

Femtosecond laser micromachining of IC for semiconductor defect analysis

Hermans, S.

Molecular approach for the synthesis of supported nanoparticles on active carbon using noble metal clusters

Hermida-Quesada, J.

Numerical Modelling and Analysis of the Burning Transient in a Solid-propellant Micro-thruster

Hernandez, A.

A New Analytical Energy Relaxation Time Model for Device Simulation

Hernandez, E.A.

A New Wet Chemical Approach to the Selective Synthesis of Silver Nanowires

Hernández, J.

Stability of micro and nano devices actuated by Casimir forces

Hernandez, S.

Raman Spectroscopy Study of SOx Species Adsorbed on Au Nanocluster Surfaces

Hernandez, S.P.

Density Functional Calculations as a Tool for the Characterization of Ultra Thin Organic Films: Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of RDX monolayers on glass substrates

Nanoscaled Science and Engineering for Sensing : Quantum Dots Fluorescence Quenching for Organic NO2 Sensing

Hernández Rosales, I.P.

Energy balance development in a cogeneration with biogas for H2 production by catalytic reforming.

Hernández- Mendoza, D.

Synthesis of nanocrystalline (Zn1-xCox)Al2O4 solid solution: structural and optical properties

Hernández-Arriaga, D.

Chemical Synthesis of Graphene Nanoribbons