Index of Authors

Harrison, N.M.

Theoretical Investigation CrO2 as a Spin-Polarized Material

Spin Dependent Transport in Carbon Nanostructures

Computer Simulations of CrO2 as a Spin Polarized Material for Spintronics

Harrison, R.

FEA Simulation of Thin Film Coils to Power Wireless Neural Interfaces

Biocompatible Hybrid System Integration of Silicon Based Neural Interface Device

Harrison, S.

Quantum-Mechanical Analytical Modeling of Threshold Voltage in Long-Channel Double-Gate MOSFET with Symmetric and Asymmetric Gates

Compact Modeling of Threshold Voltage in Double-Gate MOSFET including Quantum Mechanical and Short Channel Effects

Compact Model of drain-current in Double-Gate MOSFETs including carrier quantization and short-channel effects

Harrison, W.J.

Nanoprobe for Optical Molecular Imaging

Harrisonb, N.M.

Ab initio investigation of Graphene Based Systems

Harroun, T.

Spontaneously Forming Unilamellar Nano-Sized Vesicles – Polydispersity, Size, Shape and Stability

Hart, B.R.

A compact, low-power cantilever-based sensor array for chemical detection

Hart, J.

A latex-based concept for obtaining carbon nanotube-polymer nanocomposites

Harter, A.W.

Magnetic Properties over Several Length Scales: Micro-magnetic Modeling and Effective Medium Theory

Härtling, T.

Time-Resolved Luminescence Measurements on Up-Conversion Phosphors for Electron Beam Sterilization Monitoring

Hartmann, J.

Nanosecond Range Heating and Temperature Measurement on Thin Layers Experiment and Simulation

Hartmann, J.F.

Nanoparticles Formed by Complexation of Poly-gamma-glutamic Acid with Lead Ions

Nanoparticles Prepared by Self-assembly of Chitosan and Poly-gamma-glutamic Acid

Synthesis of Nanoparticles by Crosslinking Copolymerization

Fluorescent Nanoparticles Based on Chitosan