Index of Authors

Hütten, A.

A new route to control the enhancement of structural and anisotropy ordering in two-dimensional particle arrays

Granular magnetoresistance effects in systems with organic matrices

Hutter, E.

Celastrol-Based Nanomedicines as Modulators of Neuroinflammation

Huynh, D.P.

New carrier for protein and drug delivery based on injectable Poly(ethylene glycol)-Poly(?- caprolactone)-Poly(?-amino ester) (PAE-PCL-PEG-PCL-PAE) pH/temperature hydrogel

Huynh, L.T.N.

Electrochemical Characterization of NaxMO2 as Cathode Materials in Sodium Batteries

Huynh, P.T.

Nano Structure of Carbon Nano Tube Products Synthesized in Solid Phase

Huynh Bao, T.

Heterogeneous Nano-electronic Devices Enabled by Monolithic Integration of IIIV, Ge, and Si to expand future CMOS functionality

Hwang, C-H

Random Discrete Dopant Fluctuated Sub-32 nm FinFET Devices

High Frequency Characteristics of Nanoscale Silicon Nanowire FET

High-Frequency Characteristic Optimization of Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

Comprehensive Examination of Threshold Voltage Fluctuations in Nanoscale Planar MOSFET and Bulk FinFET Devices

Process- and Random-Dopant-Induced Characteristic Variability of SRAM with nano-CMOS and Bulk FinFET Devices

Characteristic Variability of Novel Lateral Asymmetry Nano-MOSFETs Due to Random Discrete Dopants

Electrical Characteristics of Nanoscale Multi-Fin Field Effect Transistors with Different Fin Aspect Ratio

Hwang, C-O

Corner Charge Singularity of Conductors

Kinetic Monte Carlo Modeling of Boron Diffusion in Si Crystalline Materials

KMC Simple Model for BmIn Cluster Evolution during Boron Diffusion: Theoretical or Experimental Parameters of Point Defects

Minimized atomistic model (MAM) of BmIn cluster and the effect of Ge pre-amorphization implant (Ge-PAI) on boron diffusion

Hwang, C.-T.

DNA detection using Laser Transmission Spectroscopy

Hwang, C.G.

Uniqueness of intraband plasmon dispersion of a single layer graphene