Index of Authors

Hamilton, J.W.J.

Titanium Dioxide Nanostructured Coatings: Application in Photocatalysis and Sensors

Hamlaoui, M-L.

Determination of different metals using new microsensors diamond doped with boron (BDD) in wastewater

Hamlati, Z.

Eddy Current and Microwave Characterization of Fe- Based Alloy Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying

Hammacher, J.

Networking in Micro/Nano Reliability Research Encouraged by EUCEMAN, the European Center for Micro- and Nanoreliability

Three-dimensional Deformation Analysis of MEMS/NEMS by means of X-ray Computer-Tomography

Hammad, B.K.

Tuning of a MEMS RF Filter

Hammer, D.A.

Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Biodegradable Poly(ethylene oxide)-b-Polycaprolactone (PEO-b-PCL) Diblock Copolymers

Hammer-Fritzinger, D.

Practical nanotechnology in Electronics

Hammers, H.R.

Size Matters: The outer diameter of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) affects gene expression in female fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas)

Hammond, J.S.

Individual SiGe Nanowire Chemical Composition Depth Profiling and Surface Oxidation Analyzed by Auger Electron Spectroscopy

Hamon, M.

CFD-Assisted Design and Optimization of a Pharmacokinetic Microfluidic System

Hampden Smith, M.

Application-Driven Fine Particle Solutions

Hampel, M.L.

Development of a Magnetically Triggered Drug Delivery System using Thermoresponsive Grafted Polymer Networks with Magnetic Nanoparticles

Hampel, S.

Carbon coated FeRu and CoRu nanomagnets and their potential for medical application

Hampton, M.J.

The Patterning of Sub-500 nm Inorganic Structures for Hybrid Photovoltaics

Nanopatterned Organic Materials for Photovoltaic Devices

Han, B.

A Novel Polymer Nanofiber Interface for Chemical and Biochemical Sensor Applications

Han, C-N

Investigation of the Sequence-Dependent dsDNA Mechanical Behavior using Clustered Atomistic-Continuum Method

Investigation of Carbon Nanotube Mechanical Properties Using Atomistic-Continuum Mechanics Method

Investigation of the ssDNA Backbone Molecule Mechanical Behavior Using Atomistic-Continuum Mechanics Method