Index of Authors

Hulsen, M.A.

Chaotic advection induced by a magnetic chain in a rotating magnetic field

Hülser, T.

Continuous synthesis of highly-specific silicon nanopowder on the pilot-plant scale

Humbert, B.

Near-Field Raman and Luminescence Spectroscopies to evidence chemical heterogeneity of surfaces with sub-wavelength spatial resolution.

Hummel, E.B.

Synthesis of a nano electro-magnetic polymer and its application in a DCT biosensor

Hummer, G.

Water Conduction Through Carbon Nanotubes

Hung, C-Y

Opitimal Developing Policies of Nanotechnology in Taiwan

Hung, C.H.

Deposition of layered TiO2/N,C-ITO film electrodes for solar hydrogen production via water splitting

Catalytic activities of sputtered p-type Cu2O electrode in connection with TiO2 thin film for dye degradation

Hung, K.Y.

An Chip-based-Instant Protein Micro Array Formation and Detection System

Hung, L-Y.

Pneumatic Regulation of Bi-Directional Fluid Flow in Microchannels

Hung, M-T

Development of a Self-Assembled Muscle-Powered Piezoelectric Microgenerator

Hung, S.W.

Enhancement of E6 Protein Binding on Binding-Orientation-Sensitive Mixed SAMs Molecules

Hung, V-V

Computer Simulation Study of Mechanical Properties of Nanoscale Materials by Molecular Dynamics and Lattice Green's Function Methods

Hung, V.V.

Mechanical and Electronic Properties of Nanoscale Semiconductors Studied by Density Functional TB and Path Probability Methods

Hung, W-H

Desorption of Surfactant and Sintering of Surface Modified PdxNi1-x Nanoparticles

Hung, Y.-C.

Gold nanoparticles caused learning impairment in mice

Hungerbühler, K.

Membrane-Particle Interactions in Asymmetric Flow Field Flow Fractionation (A4F) – The Influence of the ζ-Potential

Analytical Strategies for a systematic Characterization of Nanoparticle Release from commercial Spray Products for Exposure Quantification and Risk Assessment

Hunt, A.

A Versatile Nanofabrication Technology for Polymer / Inorganic Composites for Fuel Cell and Pulse Power Applications

Carbon Supported Pt Nanomaterials for Fuel Cell Applications Using Combustion Chemical Vapor Condensation