Index of Authors

Hu, X.

Flower-like TiO2 Nanostructures: Synthesis,Characterization and Photocatalytic Properties

Hu, X.S.

Nanomagnet Logic - From Concept to Prototype

Hu, X.Y.

The preparation and characterization of the Graphene-Like YBO3:Ce3+

Green, Cubic Y2O3: Tb3+ Nanospheres: Synthesis and Photoluminescence Property

Controllable Synthesis of Monodisperse CaF2 microsphere and the investigation on luminous performance of CaF2:Ce3+/Tb3+

Hu, Y.

The Next Generation of Proteomic Nanochips for Biomarker Discovery

Hu, Z-Y

A compact, low-power cantilever-based sensor array for chemical detection

Hu, Z.

Multifunctional magnetic hydrogels with polyethylene glycol-derivative colloidal nanospheres for drug delivery and hyperthermia applications

Reliability Prediction of Single-Crystal Silicon MEMS Using Dynamic Raman Spectroscopy

Graphene/PDMS composites for optical heating on microfluidic chips

Hua, J.

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Droplet and Particle Formation in Electrohydrodynamic Atomization

Hua, J.S.

Three-Dimensional Transient Motion of Spherical and Deformable Droplet in L-Shaped Rectangular Microchannel

Numerical simulation of the droplet generation mode transition of the co-flowing liquids in micro-channel

Huan, Z.

A Generalized Model for Global Solar Radiation in South Africa Using Multiple Weather Elements as Predictors

Huang, A.

Sidewall Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes through C-N Bond Forming Substitution Reactions of Fluoronanotubes

Huang, B-Y

Fabrication of the Two-Dimensional Nanostructure on Dye-Doped Polymer Film by Multiple Holographic Recording

Polarization controllable laser-induced ripple structure in dye-doped liquid crystal films

Huang, B.R.

Carbon Nanotube Cathode on Metal Surface Formed with BGA Balls

Nanoimprint Mold Manufacturing with Focused Ion Beam

Huang, C-C

An Approach for Fabrication of Polymer-based Bio-analytical Microfluidic Devices