Index of Authors

Houk, K.N.

Biomimetic Molecules as Building Blocks for Synthetic Muscles - A Proposal

Houlet, L.F.

Scanning Probe Lithography on InAs Substrate

Houlihan, R.

Design & Simulation of a Mechanical Amplifier for Inertial Sensing Applications

Houndonougbo, Y.

Computational Modeling of Ligands for Water Purification Nanocoatings

Hourihan, G.

Patterning Technology for Nanomanufacturing

Hovde, C.J.

Delivery of Shiga Toxin 1 A Subunit into Epithelial Cells Using Silica-Based Nanowires

Howard, J.

SPICE Modeling of Multiple Correlated Electrical Effects of Dopant Fluctuations

Howard, M.

Novel Hierarchically Ordered Porous Vanado-Silicate Nanocomposites for the Application in Industrial Catalysis

Howard, P.C.

High Throughput Screening of Nanomaterials: The Arkansas Research Consortium in Nanotoxicity, a partnership between Arkansas and the FDA

Howe, R.T.

Modeling and Simulation of Micromachined Gyroscopes in the Presence of Imperfections

Micromechanical Pierce Oscillator for Resonant Sensing Applications

Coupling Of Resonant Modes In Micromechanical Vibratory Rate Gyroscopes

Contact Properties of Titanium Nitride Sidewall Coating for Nanoelectromechanical Electronics

Howell, J.R.

Opto-Electrical Study of Spectrally Enhanced Thin Film Solar Devices

Howell, L.L.

Thermal Modeling of a Surface-micromachined Linear Thermomechanical Actuator

Modeling the Effects of Joint Clearances in Planar Micromechanisms

Modeling of a Self-Retracting Fully-Compliant Bistable Micromechanism

Howell, R.C.

Preparation and Characterization of New Lanthanide materials: Layered Double Hydroxide Intercalated by Luminescent Polyoxometalate Anions with Dawson-like [Eu(H2O)3(a2-P2W17O61]7- and Keggin-like [Eu2(H2O)2(PW11O39)]4-

Howell, S.

Electrostatic Force Microscopy Study of Open-Circuit Photovoltage from a bR/ITO Heterostructure

Howell, S.W.

Immunosensing Using Fabricated protein Microarrays