Index of Authors

Hosur, M.

Fabrication and Thermomechanical Characterization of CNF-Filled Polyester and E-Glass/Polyester Nanophased Composites

The Effects of POSS on the Interlaminar Shear Strength of Marine Composites under Various Environmental Conditions

Surface Modification and Performance Analysis of Jute Based Nanophased Green Composite

Durability Study of Nanophased Jute-Based Green Composites

Mechanical Characteriztion of XD-Grade Carbon Nanotube/Epon 862 Processed by Dual Phase Dispersion Technique

Hosur, M.V.

Processing and Characterization of Epon 862 reinforced with functionalized MWCNT’s

Hotowy, A.

VEGF-dependent mechanism of anti-angiogenic action of diamond nanoparticles in glioblastoma multiforme tumor.

Hotto, R.

Enhanced Efficiency Turbine

Hou, A.

Comparing Nanorulers for Nanoparticles

Hou, H-T

White-Light Emission Characteristics of Nanoporous Silicon Membrane by Post-Treatment of Supercritical Fluid Technology

Hou, S.-S.

Poly(vinyl amine) Stabilized Colloidal CdS Quantum Dots of Color-Tunable Photoluminescence: Syntheses and Optical Properties

Hou, W.

Photocatalytic Performance of Cu/TiO2-xNx Nanotube Arrays Enhanced by Surface Plasmon Resonance and Application in Hydrogen Evolution by Water Splitting

CeF3 Fullerene-like Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Upconversion Properties and Application in Photocatalysis Reduction of CO2

Hou, W.Y.

Studies of Nanotube-based Co-axial and Resonant Oscillators

Bridging Domain Multiscale Method

Fracture of Vacancy-defected Carbon Nanotubes and Their Embedded Composites

Hou, X.

Green, Cubic Y2O3: Tb3+ Nanospheres: Synthesis and Photoluminescence Property

Houbertz, R.

Bottom-Up meets Top-Down - A Novel Approach towards 3-D Optical Devices

Houdbert, V.

Behavioral Models and Specific Design Tool for New Power Integrated Devices

Hougen, D.F.

Trade-Offs in Cooperative Goal Seek using Nano-Devices