Index of Authors

Haik, Y.

Bacterial Drug Delivery Systems and nanoparticles

Hailu, E.

The Monolithic Integration of 6H-SiC Electronics with 6H-SiC MEMS for Harsh Environment Applications

Hainberger, R.

Electrical and Optical Nanosensors

Haiso, A.P.

Multilayer BioDerivatized Nanoparticle Composites by Electric Field Directed Self-Assembly

Hajagos, J.

Stretchable Electronics

Hajagos, T.

Bulk-Size Transparent Gadolinium Oxide-Polymer Nanocomposites for Gamma Ray Scintillation

Hajati, A.

Micromachined Ultrasound Integrated Circuit

Hajder, Sz.

Thermal Simulation Tools for Microsystem Elements

Hajdu, I.

Nanoparticles Prepared by Self-assembly of Chitosan and Poly-gamma-glutamic Acid

Hajian, A.

On-chip spectrometer for low-cost optical coherence tomography

Hajimirza, S.

Opto-Electrical Study of Spectrally Enhanced Thin Film Solar Devices

Hajjar, J.-J.

Source/Drain Junction Partition in MOS Snapback Modeling for ESD Simulation

Modeling of High Voltage Devices for ESD Event Simulation

Hajmirzaheydarali, M.

A Novel Silicon Nanowire-based Electron Detector Utilized in Scanning Electron Microscopes

Halas, N.

Gold nanoshells aided optical imaging in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo

Halbeisen, M.

Safe nanotextiles from a life cycle perspective

Halbwax, M.

Femtosecond laser micromachining of IC for semiconductor defect analysis

Ultra-short pulsed laser for nano-texturation associated to plasma immersion implantation for 3D shallow doping : Application to silicon photovoltaic

Haldar, S.

Impact of Non-Uniformly Doped and Multilayered Asymmetric Gate Stack Design on Device Characteristics of Surrounding Gate MOSFETs

Hale, M.

Controlled Synthesis and Directed Assembly of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibers for Functional Nanoscale Devices