Index of Authors

Golanski, L.

Measurement of nanofiller removal by abrasion

New method for the caracterization of abrasion-induced nanoparticle release into air from nanomaterials

Release-ability of nano fillers from different nanomaterials

Goldbeck-Wood, G.

Recent Applications of Mesoscale Modeling to Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery

Unravelling the interaction of ammonia with carbon nanotubes

Goldberg, B.

Inelastic Light Scattering and Light Emission of Individual and Suspended Carbon Nanotubes

Goldberg, B.B.

High Resolution Backside Imaging and Thermography using a Numerical Aperature Increasing Lens

Goldberg, E.P.

Nano-Mesosphere Drug Carriers for Localized Cancer Chemotherapy

Goldberg, J.L.

Developing Super-Paramagnetic Nanoparticles for Central Nervous System Axon Regeneration

Goldberg, S.

Production of Nanoparticles Sizes of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) by Wet Comminution with DYNO-MILL

Goldsmith, B.R.

Three-terminal, single molecule circuits based on carbon nanotube interconnects

Goldsmith, C.

Numerical Simulations of Novel Constant-Charge Biasing Method for Capacitive RF MEMS Switch

Goldsmith, C.L.

Simulation of Constant-Charge Biasing Integrated Circuit for High Reliability Capacitive RF MEMS Switch

Goldsmith, D.

Wireless Sensor Networks for Aerospace Applications- Thermal Monitoring for a Gas Turbine Engine

Goldstein, A.

Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Improvement Through Advanced Cleaning Technology

Goldstein, S.A.

Bioartifical mucosa: delivery of biomaterials to the skin-percutaneous device interface in in vitro human organotypic skin cultures

Goletto, V.

Nanostructuration of sol-gel thin films

Golindano, T.C.

Synthesis of Nickel Nanoparticles by Reduction of a Organometallic Precursor with Hydrogen

Golinval, J.-C.

Finite Element Modeling of Electro-Mechanical Coupling in Capacitive Micro-Systems

Correlation of Experimental and Numerical Results on Electrostatically Actuated Micro-Beams