Index of Authors

Gildenblat, G.

Application of Genetic Algorithm to Compact Model Parameter Extraction

A Surface-Potential-Based Compact Model of NMOSFET Gate Tunneling Current

A Surface-Potential-Based Extrinsic Compact MOSFET Model

Introduction to PSP MOSFET Model

Advanced Compact Models for MOSFETs

Theory and Modeling Techniques used in PSP Model

A PSP based scalable compact FinFET model

Gileadi, E.

Electrodeposition of Rhenium-Tin Nanowires

Giles, M.D.

The Failure of the Hydrodynamic Transport Model for Simulation of Partially Depleted SOI MOSFETs and its Revision

Giles, R.C.

Tilt-angle Stabilization of Electrostatically Actuated Micromechanical Mirrors

Tilt-angle Stabilization of Electrostatically Actuated Micromechanical Mirrors

Gill, C.S.

Recoverable and Recyclable Catalysts for Multi-Step Reaction Networks

Gillespie, A.R.

Electrical Potential Distribution in Nanopores

Gillespie, D.

Crowded Charge in Biological Ion Channels

Gilliland, D.

Surface Characterization of a Direct, Label-Free Piezoelectric Immunosensor Platform

Gillooly, A.

Putting The World In A Spin - Fibercore’s Spun Optical Fibers For The Current Sensor Industry

Gilmartin, S.F.

Aspect Ratio Improvement using the 2-step NERIME FIB Top Surface Imaging Process for Nano-lithography Applications

Fabricating Nanoscale Features Using the 2-Step NERIME TSI Nanolithography Process

Fabrication & Integration of nanobolometer sensors on a MEMs process

Gilmer, G.

Monte Carlo Modeling of Thin Film Deposition: Factors that influence 3D islands