Index of Authors

Galambos, P.G.

Surface Micromachined Viscous Spiral Pump

Galambus, P.

Characterization of Micropumps for Biomedical Applications

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Nanoparticle Separations Using Miniaturized Field-Flow Fractionation Systems

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Realistic Modeling of Complex Surface Processes

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New route for growing of ZnO seed layer using SILAR method

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Nanomaterials can influence living biological systems with nanometer sensitivity

In vivo nanotoxicity assessment: the role of size, surface coating, nanostructuration and dose-metrics

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Thymoquinone nanoparticle formulation and in vitro efficacy

Galiana, G.

Hormone Peptide Conjugated Ironoxide Nanoparticles For Detection and Treatment of Metastases

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Metal-oxide Nanowires for Toxic Gas Detection

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High Capacity Nano-optical Diffraction Bar-code Tagging for Biological and Chemical Applications

Optical and impedance detection of DNA hybridisation on barcoded micro particles in a microfluidic device

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AFM/SNOM Cantilever Probe Serial Fabrication Process with Controlled Tip Nanoaperture

Gallacher, B.

Reliability Prediction of Single-Crystal Silicon MEMS Using Dynamic Raman Spectroscopy

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Frequency Tuning of Silicon Micromechanical Cantilevers by Laser Ablation

The Application of Parametric Excitation to a Micro-Ring Gyroscope