Index of Authors

Geol W.H. Jhe, M.

Nano-Patterning of NaCl Using Nanopipette based on the QTF-AFM System

George, D.

Capacitance Extraction from Complex 3D Interconnect Structures

3D Modeling of Metallic Grain Growth

George, L.A.

Polymer nanocomposite based chemiresistive gas sensors

George, M.

Microcantilever Sensor via Second Order Sliding Mode Control

George, M.A.

Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Improvement Through Advanced Cleaning Technology

George, P.J.

A semi-analytical model for calculating touch-point pressure and pull-in voltage for clamped diaphragms with residual stress

George, R.

Demand-Side Response from Industrial Loads

George, S.

Atomic Layer Deposition Innovations in Li-Ion Battery Technology

George, S.M.

Fluorescence Tags-Based Inspection of Barrier Coatings for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Polymer Packages

Georgescu, G.

Synthesis and Properties of Magnetic Nanoparticles with Potential Applications in Cancer Diagnostic

Structural and Magneto-Optical Properties of Co-doped ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Method

Georgieva, P.

Plasma Manufacturing of Near-Net-Shape Large Scale Nanocomposite Structures – A Potential Bulk Nanofabrication Tool

Georgiou, G.

Fabry-Perot Diaphragm Fiber Optic Sensor (DFOS) for Acoustic Detection

Georgiou, T.K.

Nanophase Separated Anionic Amphiphilic Model Polymer Conetworks Based on Methacrylic acid

Geraci, C.L.

Evaluating nanomaterial exposures in the workplace: A description of the approach used by NIOSH and a summary of findings from 12 site visits

Applying Basic Risk Management Principles to Nanomaterial Processes

Nanocellulose - Evaluation of the full spectrum of workplace health and safety

Prevention through Design Concepts for Sustainable Development of Nanomaterials

Geraci. M. Methner, C.L.

Lessons learned from the field, how to protect yourself from occupational exposure to engineered nanomaterials