Index of Authors

Gegot, F.

Low-Cost Nano-Manufacturing of Surface Acoustic Wave Devices by Use of Jet & Flash Nano Imprint Lithography

Gehman Jr, V.H.

Understanding Conduction Mechanisms in Nano-Structures

Gehring, A.

Non-Parabolicity and Non-Maxwellian Effects on Gate Oxide Tunneling

An Energy Transport Gate Current Model Accounting for a Non-Maxwellian Energy Distribution

Simulation of Dynamic NBTI Degradation for a 90nm CMOS Technology

Impact of Multi-Trap Assisted Tunneling on Gate Leakage of CMOS Memory Devices

Vertically Grown Coaxial Double Gate Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors for Tera Level Integration

Structure Generation for the Numerical Simulation of Nano-Scaled MOSFETs

Geiculescu, A.C.

Nano-Composite Barrier Anodic Aluminum Oxide for ICD Capacitors

Geier, M.C.

Galilean Invariant Viscosity Term for an Athermal Integer Lattice Boltzmann Automaton in three Dimensions

Geisberger, A.

Modeling Electrothermal Plastic Deformation

Realizing Complex Microsystems: A Deterministic Parallel Assembly Approach

Geise, G.

Enhanced RO Performance of Polyamide Bi-layer Membranes Prepared by Sequential Interfacial Polymerization

Geiss, R.H.

Thermal Cycling of 300 nm Buried Damascene Copper Interconnect Lines by Joule Heating

Geisse, N.

AM-­FM and Loss Tangent Imaging-Two New Tools for Quantitative Nanomechanical Properties

Geissler, A.

Fabrication of magnetic bio-Au nanoclusters by using SlaA-layer ghosts of Sulfolobus acidocaldarius as a template

Geitner, N.

Competitive Binding of Natural Amphiphiles to Graphene derivatives

Gelain, F.

Behavior of Living Human Neural Networks on Microelectrode Array Support

Electrospun Microfiber Tubes and Self-Assembling Peptides Stimulate Neural Regeneration in Rat Sciatic Nerve Transections

Effect of functionalization on the self-assembling propensity of beta sheet forming peptides