Index of Authors

Gupta, S.K.

A New Grounded Lamination Gate (GLG) SOI MOSFET for Diminished Fringe Capacitance Effects

Gupta, T.K.

Studies on Carbon Nanotubes – Polyaniline Based Composites

Gupta, T.K.S.P.

Nanomagnetic Materials: A review

Gupta, V.

Layout Synthesis of CMOS MEMS Accelerometers

Modular Silicon Micropump

Gurauskis, J.

Alkoxide-based precursors for direct drawing of metal oxide micro- and nanofibres

Gurbuz, Y.

Coupling Spring Design and Insertion Loss Minimization of Second Order MicroElectroMechanical Filters

Design and Simulation of a MicroElectroMechanical Resonator Oscillator

Gurevich, D.G.

Influence of liposome size on accumulation in tumor and therapeutic efficiency of liposomal near-IR photosensitizer for PDT based on aluminum hydroxide tetra-3-phenylthiophthalocyanine

Gurevich, L.

Polysaccharide based Nanoparticles and Nanoporous matrices

Mounting proteins on metal nanoparticles: Statistical analysis of AFM images

Gurevich, S.

Molecular Nanocluster Electronics: Organized Superstructures at Nanoscale and New Functional Nanomaterials

Gurlo, A.

Flame Made Nanoparticles for Gas Sensors

Gurumoorthy, B.

Application of a Nanoclay-Polypropylene Composite to Efficient Vehicle Occupant Safety Countermeasure Design

Gusarov, S.

Application of Computational Chemistry to Nanotechnological Problems

Guschina, Yu.

Apoptosis of the Human Neutrophils under a Lipopolisaccharide (LPS) of Proteus Mirabilis Condition Observed in Real Time by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).

Guseinov, D.V.

Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Au Nanoclusters in the YSZ Films by Ballistic Electron/Hole Emission Microscopy

Guseinov, N.R.

Computer Simulations and Experimental Study of Graphane-Like Materials Produced by Electrolytic Hydrogenation

Guslienko, K.Yu.

Ferromagnetic Microdisks: Novel Magnetic Particles for Biomedical Applications

Gust, D.

Molecular Control of the Drain Current in a Buried Channel MOSFET