Index of Authors

Gu, H.

Chitosan Membrane in Combinations with Nanoparticles and Adriamycin as a Treatment to Inhibit Glioma Growth and Migration

Gu, H.-Y.

A Co-Culture Model for Nanotoxicity and Tissue Engineering Studies

A Non-Contact Culture Model for Investigating Cell Signaling and Nanotoxicity

Chitosan Film/Membrane as a Surface to Alter Brain Glioma Growth and Migration

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InGaAs FinFET Modeling Using Industry Standard Compact Model BSIM-CMG

Gu, N.

Controllable Preparation of 10 nm Solid Lipid Nanoparticles based on Phase Behaviors of Drug-Loading Hot Microemulsions

Gu, W.

Application of anatase TiO2 sol derived from peroxotitannic acid in crop plant diseases control and growth regulation

Gravure Printed Network Based on Silver Nanowire for Transparent Electrode

Low-temperature laser sintering of the printed nano-silver electrodes for flexible electronics

Gu, W.B.

Development of materials and printing methods for fabrication of thin-film transistors on flexible substrates

Gu, X.

Substrate Current in Surface-Potential-Based Compact MOSFET Models

Application of Genetic Algorithm to Compact Model Parameter Extraction

A Surface-Potential-Based Compact Model of NMOSFET Gate Tunneling Current

A Surface-Potential-Based Extrinsic Compact MOSFET Model

Network Aggregation of CNT at the Surface of Epoxy/MWCNT Composite Exposed to UV Radiation

Degradation and Nanoparticle Release of Epoxy/Nanosilica Composites Exposed to Solar UV Radiation

Subsurface characterization of high dielectric nanostructures in low dielectric polymer matrix using Electric Force Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Direct Evidence of Nanoparticle Release from Epoxy Nanocomposites Exposed to 295 nm-400 nm UV Radiation

Role of Nanoparticles in Life Cycle of Nanocomposites

Gu, Y.

Nanostructure of a High-Permeability, Hydrogen-Selective Inorganic Membrane