Index of Authors

Fujiyoishi, M.

Vibration Analysis of Quartz Yaw-Rate Sensor to Reduce Mechanical Coupling

Fukai, T.

Simulation of Back-Electrode Effects on Lags and Current Collapse in Field-Plate AlGaN/GaN HEMTs

Fukuba, T.

Evaluation of Electric Impedance Spectra for Single Bio-Cells with Microfluidic Devices using Combined FEMLAB/HSPICE Simulated Models

Fukuda, O.

Effect of furnace temperature on the nucleation behavior and configurations of carbon nanoparticles

Fukuda, T.

Micromanipulation and Robotic Technology

Fukui, T.

Growth and Characterization of GaAs/AlGaAs Core-Shell Nanowires and AlGaAs Nanotubes

Fukumori, Y.

Interaction between Artificial Mucin Layer and Stimuli-Responsive Nanogel Particles for the Oral Peptide Delivery Observed in Simulated Intestinal Solutions by Using Colloid Probe AFM Method

Functional Stimuli-Responsive Nanogel-particles for Oral Peptide Delivery: Preparation, Drug-Release Behaviors and in Vitro Cellular Interaction

Fukumoto, P.

Dilute Methane Pollution Control That Produces Continuous Clean Renewable Energy

Fukunaga, Y.

Modeling of Chain History Effect based on HiSIM-SOI

Modeling of Short-Channel Effect for Ultra-Thin SOI MOSFET on Ultra-Thin BOX

Fukushima, H.

Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelets [2] Surface Treatment

Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelets (xGnP): A Carbon Nanotube Alternative

Nylon - Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelet (xGnP) Nanocomposites with Enhanced Mechanical, Electrical and Thermal Properties

Multifunctional Nanocomposites Made of Polypropylene Reinforced with Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelets (xGnP)

Fukushima, K.

Modeling of the impurity-gradient effect in high-voltage MOSFETs

Modeling of Trench-Gate Type HV-MOSFETs for Circuit Simulation

Computational Studies on Mechanisms for the Organocatalytic Depolymerization of Poly(ethylene) Terephthalate

Fukushima, T.

Magnetic characteristics of FePt nanodots formed by a self-assembled nanodot deposition method

Fukushima, Y.

Chemical structure of ZnO nanorod array on a DSSC photoanode