Index of Authors

Fu, P.K.-L.

Controlled- Release Antibiotic Nanoparticles for Cranial Transplantation and Bone Grafting

Fu, Q.

Catalytically active nanostructures derived from self-assembled block copolymer templates for rationally synthesizing single-walled carbon nanotubes and understanding the growth mechanism

Fu, S.-J.

Assemblies of Blue-emitting CdSe Nanocrystals in Redox Copper Phenanthroline-based Polymeric Chains

Fu, W.

Hetero-bifunctional Poly(ethylene glycol) Modified Gold Nanoparticles as an Intracellular Tracking and Delivery Agent

Fu, X-A

Silicon Carbide Micro/Nano Systems for Harsh Environment and Demanding Applications

Fu, Y-C

Hierarchical Approach to Simulation in a Vertical System for the TriCore Microcontroller

Fu, Y.

Numerical Analysis on Si-Ge Nanowire MOSFETs with Core-Shell Structure

Seawater Flow Battery as Technology Platform

Fuchs, A.

NILCom® – Commercialization of Nanoimprint Lithography

Highly passivated silicon chips with micron aperture for the pA measurements of single ion channels

Fuchs, B.E.

Inkjet Printed Devices for Armament Applications

Fuchs, H.

Measurement of DPN-Ink Viscosity using an AFM Cantilever

Fuentes, M.E.

Electron transition energies of single-walled carbon nanotubes: Hartree – Fock’s CNDOL approaches for describing excitations and related properties

Fuenzalida, J.P.

Chitosan-based nanomaterials for drug delivery and antibiotic-free bacterial control

Lysozyme – alginate nanocomplex: Effect of alginate composition

Fugger, L.

Nanomedicine: Engineering of a Tri-Imageable Nanoparticle

Nanomedicine: Engineering of a Tri-Imageable Nanoparticle for Cancer Diagnostics

Fujii, K.

Simulation of Surface and Buffer Trapping Effects on Gate Lag in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs

Fujii, T.

Evaluation of Electric Impedance Spectra for Single Bio-Cells with Microfluidic Devices using Combined FEMLAB/HSPICE Simulated Models

Multifunctional Bio-Nano Patterns Derived from Colloidal Self-Assembly as Model Surfaces to Study Antigen-Antibody Interactions