Index of Authors

Fox, P.

Heat is the Enemy of Energy Efficiency

Fox, R.F.

A Minnow, an E. Coli and Ubiquinone: The Story of Rectified Brownian Motion

Foygel, M.

Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanotube Suspensions and Composites

Fraboulet, D.

Modeling and Simulation of Single-Electron Multi Tunnel Junction Memory

Modeling and Simulation of Single-Electron Multi Tunnel Junction Memory

Fradin, F.

Ferromagnetic Microdisks: Novel Magnetic Particles for Biomedical Applications

Fragala, J.

Dip Pen Nanolithography®: A Maturing Technology for High-Throughput Flexible Nanopatterning

Direct Parallel Patterning of Multiplex DNA and protein arrays

Commercially Available High-Throughput Dip Pen Nanolithography®

Fragale, W.

A Physics-Based Characterized Model for an Ultrafast Planar Rectifier

Fragouli, D.

Directed assembly of magnetic nanoparticles in polymers: the formation of anisotropic plastic films containing aligned nanowires

Selective Separation of Oil from Water via Superhydrophobic Magnetic Foams

Magnetically Induced Drop Movement on Nanorough Micropatterned Nanocomposites

Fraichard, A.

Lipid nanoparticles: tumor-targeting nanocargos for drug and contrast agent delivery

Fraidenraich, N.

Technical and Economical Analysis of Photovoltaic Pumping Systems with V Type Concentrators in Irrigation System to Productive Chains

Frail, P.R.

Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Biodegradable Poly(ethylene oxide)-b-Polycaprolactone (PEO-b-PCL) Diblock Copolymers

Francais, O.

Energy-Based Solution Method for the Global Behavior of Diaphragms Under Pneumatic and Electrostatic Pressure

Français, O.

Analysis of an Electrostatic Microactuator with the Help of Matlab/Simulink: Transient and Frequency Characteristics

France, D.

Engineered Nanofluids for Heat Transfer and Novel Applications

Percolation theory at work – boosting the heat transfer performance of graphitic nanofluids