Index of Authors

Fontes, E.

Influence of the Microstructure of the Catalyst Layer on the Performance of the PEMFC Cathode

Foo, I.S.H.

Integrated polymer-based microfluidic device for DNA preparation in pyrosquencer

Foo, Y.L.

Carbon nanotube Josephson junctions

Direct observation of carbon nanostructures growth using in-situ ultrahigh vacuum transmission electron microscopy

Forbes, L.

Technique for Time and Frequency Dependent Solutions of the Diffusion Equation: Application to temperature of nanoscale devices

Thermal Noise and Bit Error Rate Limits in Nanoscale Memories

1/f Noise and RTS(Random Telegraph Signals) and Read Errors in Nanoscale Memories

1/f Noise and RTS(Random Telegraph Signal) Errors in Comparators and Sense Amplifiers

Single Election Trapping in Nanoscale Transistors; RTS(Random Telegraph Signals) and l/f Noise

Atomistic Electrostatic Simulations Using Spice

Compact Model of Low – Frequency Noise in Nanoscale Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors

Backside Nanoscale Texturing to Improve IR Response of Silicon Photodetectors

Ford, K.

Charge Pumping for High-force, Large-displacement MEMS

Ford, M.

Silver Precipitation in Energy-Scavenging Aluminum Nitride Resonators

Forder, D.

Heat is the Enemy of Energy Efficiency

Foreman, A.R.

Development of Tumor Targeting Magnetic Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy

Forest, C.R.

Static and Dynamic Optical Metrology of Micro-Mirror Thermal Deformation

Foresti, M.

Nanostructuration of sol-gel thin films

Formanek, J.

3D Electrostatic Energy Harvester

Formicone, G.

Cellular Automata Studies of Vertical MOSFETs