Index of Authors

Fleckner, K.

Advanced Catalysts for Fuel-Flexible Fuel Cells

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Physical properties of multilayer thin films of Ti-V and their hydrides studied by ion beam analysis methods

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Halloysite Nanotubes in Polymers

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Novel Carbon Nanotube-Biomedical Polymer Composite Platforms for Bioelectrochemical Applications

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Carbon Nanofiber-Based Electrode Interface to Microbial Biofilms

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Renewable Energy Strategies for non-RPS States

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Fashioning of Polymer Multi-functional Nanovector Microparticle Delivery System by High Definition Microextrusion

Flensberg, K.

Crystalline Magnetotunnel Junctions: Fe-MgO-Fe, Fe-FeOMgO-Fe and Fe-AuMgOAu-Fe

First-principles Modeling of Magnetic Memory Components — Preliminary Results on the Effects of Interface Oxides

Fleta, C.

Novel silicon microdosimeter based on 3D cylindrical structures

Fleury, D.

New Evidence Towards the Release of Airborne Carbon Nanotubes when Burning Nanocomposite Polymers

Fleury, M.

Passive Microrheology : Non Intrusive Measurement of the Emulsions Stability

Passive Microrheology : Non Contact Measurement of Viscoelastic Properties of Biopolymers

Physical stability of nanoparticle dispersion

Flewitt, A.J.

Modelling and Fabrication of Microspring Thermal Actuator

Flood, A.H.

Biomimetic Molecules as Building Blocks for Synthetic Muscles - A Proposal

Flora, F.

The first Italian micro exposure tool for EUV lithography: design guidelines and experimental results

Flores, C.

Morphology effect dependent on the synthesis method of KxIr1-xO2 system

Flores, D.

A novel technique using SWCNTs to enhanced development and root growth of fig plants (Ficus carica)

Flores, M.Z.S.

The binding site interactions between 7-chloro-tetracycline and the Tet Repressor