Index of Authors

Firestone, M.A.

Biologically Functionalized Nanochannels on Ferroelectric Lead Zirconium Titanate Surfaces

Firkowska, I.

Qualitative Evaluation of the Response of Human Osteoblast Cells to Nanotopography Surfaces Based on Carbon Nanotubes

Firman, K.

A Molecular Motor that Links the Biological and Silicon Worlds

Fischer, A.

High Performance Organic Transistors based on Molecular Doping

Fischer, G.

The Pulsation Reactor Process - Large Scale Production of Nano-Sized Metal Oxide Powders in a Single Step

Fischer, J.E.

RNA Functionalized Carbon Nanotube for Chemical Sensing

Fischer, L.

Towards Nanoscaled Systems: New Dispersing Technologies

Fischer, M.

Fluctuating Amplitudes of Micro-Cantilever Vibration Modes

3-D Computational Modeling of RF MEMS Switches

A Novel Class of Sensors for System Integrative Concepts in Biotechnological Applications

Silicon on ceramics - a new concept for micro-nano-integration on wafer level

MEMS based examination platform for a neuro-muscular communication in a co-culture system coupled to a multi-electrode-array

Improved Nanoreinforced Composite Material Bonds with Potential Sensing Capabilities

Fischer, T.

Simulation of HgCdTe Double Layer Heterojunction Detector Devices

Fischer, W-J

Simulation of Mixed-Signal Systems in Standard VHDL

Fischetti, A.

Detection of DNA Hybridyzation with Impedance Amplifying Labels

Fischetti, M.V.

Long-Range Coulomb Interactions in Small Silicon Devices: Transconductance and Mobility Degradation

Hole Transport Simulations in p-channel Si MOSFETs

Fiserova, A.

Round Monodisperse Nanodiamonds: Towards Highly Bright, Biologically Inert Probes for Fluorescence Imaging

Fisher, D.

Development of a Biologically Enhanced Carbon Nanotube Based Composite