Index of Authors

Ferry, D.K.

Modeling of Nanoelectronic and Quantum Devices

Spin Polarization in GaAs/Al0.24Ga0.76As Heterostructures

Implementation of Separable Scattering Mechanisms in Three-Dimensional Quantum Mechanical Simulations of a Silicon Quantum Wire

Spin Density Functional Theory Simulations of Quantum Point Contacts: An Investigation of Spin Filtering Effects

Ferstl, P.

Precipitation of In(OH)3 and InOOH Nanocrystals for the use in nanoelectronics: Phase Transition Behavior and Oriented Aggregation

Feser, M.

Non-destructive 3D Imaging of Nano-structures with Multi-scale X-ray Microscopy

Fettig, R.K.

Structural Analysis of a Magnetically Actuated Silicon Nitride Micro-Shutter for Space Applications

Fetzner, S.

Chitosan-based nanomaterials for drug delivery and antibiotic-free bacterial control

Feugnet, G.

CNTFETs fabricated using an Original Dynamic Air-Brush technique for SWCNTs deposition : application to gas sensing

Few, C.

Preparation and characterization of highly porous PVDF nanofibers and yarns

Feygelson, T.

Diamond Materials for MEMS and NEMS Structures and Devices

Feysulova, R.A.

Laser Heating of Sulphuretted Carbon Nanoparticles Inhibits Tumor Growth

Fianaloski, B.

Water Soluble Peroxyoamid Reagent: Evalulation for Fluorescent Silica Nano-Particles Chemilumineacence

Fias, S.

Inducing Aromaticity Patterns and Tuning the Electronic Transport of Graphene Nanoribbons via Edge Design

Fichthorn, K.

Multiscale Simulation of the Thermal Desorption of Large Molecules from Solid Surfaces

Fichtner, A.

The Workforce Needs of Nanotechnology Firms: An In-Depth Study of Biotechnology, Microelectronics and Optics Firms in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona

Fichtner, W.

A Global Finite Element Model for Improving the Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of IBGTs Modules

Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Simulations of Aluminum Bond Wires in IGBT-Packages

Inductance Extraction by Means of the Monte Carlo Method

Dispersive Media in FDTD-Comparison of Recursive Convolution and Auxiliary Differential Equation Methods