Index of Authors

Elvin, C.M.

Tailoring Pt-Alloy Cluster Nanoparticles for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity

Elvin, G.

Nanotechnology and Design: The nanostudio project

A Collaborative Approach to Architectural and Societal Issues in Nanotechnology

Building Green with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology for Building Security

Elwenspoek, M.

Low Volume, Large Force (>1mN) and Nanometer Resolution Electrostatic Microactuator for Low Displacement Applications

FEM Assisted Design of Novel Electrothermal Actuators

Fabrication of 1D nanochannels with thin glass wafers for single molecule studies

Elwenspoek, M.C.

Modeling and Validation of Flow-Structure Interactions in Passive Micro Valves

Scaling Behavior of Pressure-Driven Micro-Hydraulic Systems

Three Dimensional Adhesion Model for Arbitrary Rough Surfaces

Elwi, T.A.

A Dual-Frequency Wearable MWCNT Ink-Based Spiral Microstrip Antenna

Ely, J.F.

Simplified Crossover Droplet Model for Adsorption of Critical and Supercritical Fluids in Slit Nano-Pores

Emam-Jomeh, Z.

Biocompatible Nanotubes as potential Nanocarriers for hydrophobic model food and drug bioactives

Emami, S.

Compact Modeling for RF and Microwave Integrated Circuits

Challenges in Compact Modeling for RF and Microwave Applications

Compact Modeling for RF and Microwave Integrated Circuits

Emami-Naeini, A.

An All-Digital Cantilever Controller for MRFM and Scanned Probe Microscopy using a Combined DSP/FPGA Design

Emmenegger, M.

CMOS MEMS and their Simulation

Emmott, N.

Counting and Controlling Point Defects in Carbon Nanotube Electronic Circuits