Index of Authors

Elka, E.

A New 3D Model of The Electro-Mechanical Response of Piezoelectric Structures

Elliott, A.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Quantum Dot Nano-Inks

Elliott, A.M.

PMMA/SWCNTs Composites for Prostate Brachytherapy MRI Contrast Agent Markers

Elliott, J.A.

Computational Modelling and Structural Studies of Perfluoro Sulfonate Ionomer Membranes

Ellis, A.R.

Simulation and Fabrication of Large Area 3D Nanostructures

Ellis, E.D.

Fabrication and Characterization of pH-Responsive, Nanoparticle-Attached Porphyrins for Singlet Oxygen Production

Ellis, M.

Modeling Electrothermal Plastic Deformation

Dynamic Modeling and Input Shaping for MEMS

Realizing Complex Microsystems: A Deterministic Parallel Assembly Approach

Ellis-Behnke, R.G.

Nano Neuro Knitting: using nanotechnology to repair the brain

CNS Regeneration After Chronic Injury Using a Self-assembled Nano Material

Ellisman, M.H.

Targeting Nanoparticles to Tumors using Adenoviral Vectors

Elman, N.

Devices for Nanoparticle-based Cancer Detection

Elman, N.M.

An implantable Drug Delivery Device based on MEMS

Elmi, I.

A Novel Pneumatically Driven SU-8 Microvalve for High Speed Gas Chromatographic Applications

Elovitz, M.

Synthesis and characterization of magnetic manganese ferrites using a simple combustion method and its application in removal of organics

Elsayed, F.

New Type of High Sensitive Detection of Particles Based on DeFET

Elshurafa, A.

A Fully Symmetric and Completly Decoupled MEMS-SOI Gyroscope

Elsimary, H.

Design of MEMS Tunable Capacitor all Metal Microstructure for RF Wireless Applications

Elstner, M.

11-cis-Retinal Protonated Schiff Base: The effect of environment and solvent on the chromophore of rhodopsin