Index of Authors

Driskell, J.D.

High Resolution Mapping of Compositional Differences at Electrode Interfaces by Electric Force Microscopy

Drogowska, K.

Physical properties of multilayer thin films of Ti-V and their hydrides studied by ion beam analysis methods

Dropa, T.

Preparation of Photocatalytic Silicon Core-shell Nanoparticles Covered by ZnS Shell in Solid-Gas Reaction

Drüe, K.H.

A Novel Class of Sensors for System Integrative Concepts in Biotechnological Applications

Druewer, F.

Non-destructive 3D Imaging of Nano-structures with Multi-scale X-ray Microscopy

Druffel, T.

Total flexibility in thin film design using polymer nanocomposites

Wide Area Deposition of Transparent Flexible Nanocomposites

Ambient Temperature Synthesis and Sintering of Conductive Aqueous Copper Inks

Intense Pulsed Light Processing of Semiconductors for Photovoltaics

Druon, C.

Microfluidic System For High-Throughput Proteomics

Novel 2D Interfaces for Nanoelectrospray-Mass Spectrometry

Drzal, L.T.

Sustainable Nanocomposite Materials from Cellulosic Plastics

Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelets [2] Surface Treatment

Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelets (xGnP): A Carbon Nanotube Alternative

Aligned Electrospun Nanocomposite Fibers

Nylon - Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelet (xGnP) Nanocomposites with Enhanced Mechanical, Electrical and Thermal Properties

Multifunctional Nanocomposites Made of Polypropylene Reinforced with Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelets (xGnP)

Drzík, M.

Micromechanical GaAs Thermal Convertor for Gas Sensors

Du, A.

Integrated Optical Profiler and AFM: a 3D Metrology System for Nanotechnology

Du, A.J.

Formation of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Via the Interaction of Graphene Nanoribbons: ab initio Density Functional Calculations