Index of Authors

Ding, C.

Nanocomposite Contact Material for MEMS Switches

Wicking Study of Nanostructured Titania Surfaces for Flat Heat Pipes

Tunable Wetting of Titanium and Gold Based Wicking Materials

Ding, F.

Direct observation of silver nanoparticle-ubiquitin corona formation

Competitive Binding of Natural Amphiphiles to Graphene derivatives

Ding, F.-C.

Photocurable Composite with Antimicrobial Activity for Wound-Healing

Ding, H.

Application of Local Radial Basis Function-based Differential Quadrature Method in Micro Flows

Ding, Hui

Polymalic acid-based nanodrugs: Anti-tumor efficacy and host compatibility

Ding, J-R

Flame Synthesized Nanostructured WO3 Thin Films for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting

Ding, J.

Towards Microelectrofluidic System (MEFS) Computing and Architecture

Reconfigurable Microfluidic System Architecture Based on Two-Dimensional Electrowetting Arrays

Efficient 3-D Numerical Code “FastSlipStokes” for Drag Force Calculation Due to Slip Flow

Preparation of Monodispersed Silica and Composite Spheres

A Novel Approach for Volume-Integral Evaluation in the BEM

Supported Mixed Metal Nanoparticles and PFA-Nafion Nanocomposite Membrane for Low Temperature Fuel Cells

Boundary Integral Solution of Quasi-Linear Laplace Equation

Ding, J.-J.

Detecting CH4 and CO Gases Using Micro-Structural Doping Compound Oxide Films on Si-Substrates

Ding, L.

Optical Properties of Silicon Nanocrystals Embedded in SiO2 Matrix

Charge Trapping and Charge Decay in Silicon Nanocrystals

Influence of Si Nanocrystal Distribution on Electrical Characteristics of MOS Structures