Index of Authors

Dhondt, F.

3-D Electrothermal Model of Multifinger, High-Power HBTs

Di Barba, P.

A New 3D Analytical Design Model of an Electrostatic Micromotor Using Multi-objective Approach

Di Bartolomeo, A.

Multiwalled carbon nanotube films as temperature nano-sensors

Di Benedetto, F.

Micropatterned Laminin-1 Matrices

Di Benedetto, M.

New Multimodal Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Nanotools for Cancer

Di Blasi, A.

Investigation of a short stack PEM electrolyzer based on a nanosized IrO2 anode electrocatalyst

Di Carlo, A.

From Radar to Nodar

A novel stem cell tag-less sorting method

A flow-assisted point-of-care testing device based on gravitational field-flow fractionation for analysis on biological fluids

Di Cioccio, L.

Silicon die self-alignment on a wafer: stable and instable modes

Self-alignment of Silicon Chips on Wafers: the Effect of Spreading and Wetting

Di Cola, E.

Monitoring nanoparticle growth in a microreactor by combined micro-SAXS and micro-Raman techniques

Di Francesco, F.

Fast and Efficient Nucleic Acid Testing by ST‘s In-CheckTM Lab-on-Chip Platform

Di Giusto, D.A.

Multivalent Circular Aptamers: Versatile Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications

Di Lazzaro, P.

The first Italian micro exposure tool for EUV lithography: design guidelines and experimental results

Di Pace, E.

Innovative PMMA/Silica nanocomposites for optical and biomedical applications

Di Pietro, P.

Fast and Efficient Nucleic Acid Testing by ST‘s In-CheckTM Lab-on-Chip Platform

Di Spigna, N.H.

Discontinuous Gold Films for Nanocell Memories

Translating the Integration Challenges to Molecular Device Requirements - Analysis of Scaling Constraints in Molecular Random Access Memories

Wafer Scale Aligned Sub-25nm Metal Nanowires on Silicon (110) using PEDAL Lift-off Process