Index of Authors

Desai, I.

Synthesis and characterization of magnetic manganese ferrites using a simple combustion method and its application in removal of organics

Desai, J.

Hierarchical Simulation Approaches for the Design of Ultra-Fast Amplifier Circuits

Desai, K.

DOE Optimization and Phase Morphology of Electrospun Nanofibers of PANI/PMMA Blends

Desai, M.

Novel Flame-Gradient Method for Synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanomaterials

Desai, S.

A Robust Approach for Estimating Diffusion Constants from Concentration Data in Microchannel Mixers

Deschamps, J.

Peptide-Mediated Cellular Delivery of Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Desgrosseilliers, L.

Reclaimed Laminate Waste as Novel, Heat Transfer Enhancing, Encapsulation for Long-term PCM Heat Storage

Deshmukh, A.

Computational Design Analysis for In-Plane Microfluidic Valves

Deshore, V.

Synthesis and characterization of Silver doped TiO2 nano films for

Deshpande, A.

Integrated Multistage Supercritical Technology to Produce High Quality Vegetable Oil and Biofuels

Deshpande, K.

A novel on chip analysis of dissolved Hg(II) in drinking water

Deshpande, M.

CAD Analyses of PCR Well Containment

Deshpande, S.

Risk Identification and Assessment Techniques in the Absence of Toxicology Data on Nanomaterials

DeSilva, M.N.

Liposomes loaded with rifampicin and tobromycin for anti-Staphylococcus aureus action

DeSimone, J.M.

Chemically Robust Microfluidic Devices for Radiochemistry Platforms

Scalable Fabrication of Polymeric and Organic Nanomaterials using Particle Replication in Non-wetting Templates (PRINT) and Imprint Lithography

The Patterning of Sub-500 nm Inorganic Structures for Hybrid Photovoltaics

Imprint Lithography-Based, Multimodal Contrast Agents and the Effect of Shape and Size on Biodistribution

Nanopatterned Organic Materials for Photovoltaic Devices

Desmet, G.

Enhancement of DNA Microarray Hybridization using Shear-Driven Microfluidics