Index of Authors

Derakhshandeh, J.

Application of Encapsulated PECVED-grown Carbon Nano-Structure Field-Emission Devices in Nanolithography

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Nanofabrication of Biomaterial, CNT and Organic Polymer Patterned Thinfilms using Piezoelectric Ink Jet Printing

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Influence of photo-initiator concentration on residual mechanical stress in SU-8 thin films

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Effect of Strain on the Energy Band Gaps of (13,0) and (15,0) Carbon Nanotubes

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Time-Resolved Luminescence Measurements on Up-Conversion Phosphors for Electron Beam Sterilization Monitoring

Derenzo, S.

Rifampicin nanosuspension production using microfluidic device

Derenzo, S.E

A Systematic Search for New Scintillators using Electronic Structure Calculations

A Systematic Search for New Scintillators using Electronic Structure Calculations

Derewinski, M.

Silica-alumina composite monoliths with a hierarchical pore structure containing the MFI-type zeolitic films

Derk, R.

In Vitro Assessment of Nano-Cerium Oxide (nCeO2) and Nano-Ferric Oxide (nFe2O3) on Fibrogenic and Carcinogenic Potential

In vitro Model for Identifying Subchronic Carbon Nanotube Exposure and Lung Cancer Gene Markers

Derkacheva, V.M.

Influence of liposome size on accumulation in tumor and therapeutic efficiency of liposomal near-IR photosensitizer for PDT based on aluminum hydroxide tetra-3-phenylthiophthalocyanine

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Block Copolymer Directed Nanocomposites for Fuel Cell Applications

Dermitzaki, E.

Influence of moisture on humidity sensitive material parameters of microelectonic relevant polymers

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Sidewall Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes through C-N Bond Forming Substitution Reactions of Fluoronanotubes

Derrig, L.

Digital Matrix Corp

Dervishi, E.

p-Type Single-Wall Garbon Nanotube Network on n-Type Si for Heterojunction Photovoltaic Cells

In Vivo Real Time Raman Spectroscopy Detection of Carbon Nanotube Kinetics in Lymph, Blood and Tissues

Large area graphene sheets synthesized on a bi-metallic catalyst system

Carbon Nanotubes and Grephene for Solar Cells