Index of Authors

Delano, M.J.

Differential Uptake of PEG-Silica-FITC Nanoparticles by Human Breast Cancer Cells and Normal Human Breast Epithelial Cells

Delapierre, G.

Open-Surface Microfluidics

On the velocity of spontaneous capillary flows in confined and open microchannels

Delaporte, Ph.

Femtosecond laser micromachining of IC for semiconductor defect analysis

Ultra-short pulsed laser for nano-texturation associated to plasma immersion implantation for 3D shallow doping : Application to silicon photovoltaic

Delaunay, M.

Wafer-scale integration of in-situ grown carbon nanotube membranes: a platform to study electrical properties

Delaye, M.T.

From MEMS to NEMS: Modelling and characterization of the non linear dynamics of resonators, a way to enhance the dynamic range

Delcorte, A.

Molecular approach for the synthesis of supported nanoparticles on active carbon using noble metal clusters

Delehanty, J.

Peptide-Mediated Cellular Delivery of Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Delgado, O.Z.

Synthesis of Nickel Nanoparticles by Reduction of a Organometallic Precursor with Hydrogen

Delgado, R.

Nanoscaled Science and Engineering for Sensing : Quantum Dots Fluorescence Quenching for Organic NO2 Sensing

Delides, C.G.

Thermomechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin MWCNts Nanocomposites

Influence of Carbon Nanoparticles on Thermogravimetric Properties of Epoxy Nanocomposites

Thermal and Thermomechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin / Carbon Black Nanocomposites

Influence of Nanoclay’s Incorporation On Mechanical and Thermogravimetric Properties of ER/MWCNT Composites

Thermomechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin / Carbon Nanotubes / Clay Nanocomposites

Deligiannakis, Y.

Antioxidant and Antiradical SiO2 Nanoparticles Covalently Functionalized with Gallic Acid

Dellabetta, B.

On the Possibility of Ultra-Low Power Switching in Multilayer Graphene Nanostructures

Dellaert, D.

Design and Characterization of a MEMS Thermal Actuator and a Locking Switch for Telecommunication Applications

Delmas, T.

Lipid nanoparticles: tumor-targeting nanocargos for drug and contrast agent delivery