Index of Authors

Del Angel-Vicente, P.

Structure of Ni nanoparticles/TiO2 films prepared by sol-gel dip-coating

Del Carpio, C.A.

A Theoretical Study on Chemical Reaction of Water Molecules under Laser Irradiation: Ultra Accelerated Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Approach

Del Curto, B.

Development of a New Treatment to Induce Anatase Growth on Ti

A comparative study over the photocatalytic activity of nanostructured TiO2 layers for air purifiers

TiO2-based photocatalytic and antimicrobial coatings: comparison between sol-gel and electrodeposited silver/TiO2 nano-composites

Development of Innovative Packaging Characterized by Active Thermal Insulation Properties

Evaluation of PCM-cardboard composite materials in dynamic thermal conditions

Del Pilar Camacho Leal, M.

Nanoscale tailoring of the surface properties of biomedical devices by layer-by-layer technique

del Río, J.M.

Comparative thermodynamic study of functionalized homogeneous and multilayer latex particles

del Rosal, I.

Role of special sites on the selective activation of C-H and C-C bonds by nanoparticles: Ru13 as a test-case

dela Cruz, L.

Biphenyl-functionalized Ethane-silica Hybrid Materials with Ordered Hexagonal Mesoporous Structure

dela Cruz, M.E.

Multifunctional Electrodes Based on MWNTs Sheets and Yarns

Deladi, S.

Three Dimensional Adhesion Model for Arbitrary Rough Surfaces

FEM Assisted Design of Novel Electrothermal Actuators

Delaere, K.

Multi-Scale Modeling of Polymer Nanocomposites

DeLaGarza, L.

Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Protect Against MPTP-Induced Dopaminergic Neurodegeneration in a Mouse Model for Parkinson’s Disease

Delage, S.

3-D Electrothermal Model of Multifinger, High-Power HBTs

Delametter, C.N.

Surface Tension Induced Instability of Viscous Liquid Jets

Novel Microfluidic Jet Deflection: Significant Modeling Challenge with Great Application Potential

Modeling Nanoscale Plasmon-assisted Bubble Nucleation and Applications