Index of Authors

Davey, Kirk

Development of a Biologically Enhanced Carbon Nanotube Based Composite

Davey, R.A.

Specific targeting and delivery of virus envelope-coated nanoparticle cargoes into receptor-bearing cells and subcellular compartments.

David, A.E.

Strategies for enhanced brain tumor accumulation of magnetic nanoparticles for potential drug delivery

Davidson, A.

Surface Modification of Perovskite Manganite Thin Films using Atomic Force Microscopy

Davidson, D.

In Vitro Assessment of Nano-Cerium Oxide (nCeO2) and Nano-Ferric Oxide (nFe2O3) on Fibrogenic and Carcinogenic Potential

In vitro Model for Identifying Subchronic Carbon Nanotube Exposure and Lung Cancer Gene Markers

Davidson, J.L.

Development of Carbon Nanotubes Vacuum Field Emission Devices

Davidson, M.

Quantum Dot Nanocrystals in Neurosciences

Functionalized Quantum Dot Characterization and Applications in Neurosciences

Davidson, P.

Exploring the behavior of concentrated collagen, approaches to tailor biomimetic materials

Davies, B.R.

Micromachined Accelerometer Design, Modeling and Validation

Davies, P.K.

High Quality Nanogap Electrodes for Electronic Transport Measurements of Single Molecules

Davies, R.B.

A Physically-Based Model for Oxidation in a Circular Trench in Silicon

A Physically-Based Model for Oxidation in a Circular Trench in Silicon

Dávila, A.

On-Chip Ion-selective Microesensor for Evaluation of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential

Davis, A.

Durability of a superhydrophobic nanocomposite coating under extended replicated rain impact

Impact of spray-casting height and pressure on durability and superhydrophobicity of nanocomposite coatings

Effect of superhydrophobic nanocomposite surface roughness on anti-icing performance

Davis, B.

Microkinetic Study of Oxygenate and Hydrocarbon Formation from Syngas on Rhodium and Cobalt Surfaces: Effect of Site Structure on Catalytic Cycles

Enhanced RO Performance of Polyamide Bi-layer Membranes Prepared by Sequential Interfacial Polymerization