Index of Authors

Darbari, S.

Realization of Silicon Nano-structured layers on Glass substrates suitable for light emitting diodes

Darbaria, S.

Controllable growth of ZnO nanorod-carbon nanotube heterojunction arrays by low-temperature wet chemical bath deposition method for using in dye solar cell

Darbha, G.K.

Gold nanoparticle-based miniaturized NSET Probe for rapid and ultra-sensitive detection of toxic metals in soil, water and fish

Daren, S.

First disclosure of a viable semi-commercial single CNT-based FE device

Darhuber, A.A.

Process Simulation for Contact Print Microlithography

Daridon, A.

Coin-Shaped Reactor in Microfluidic Devices Used for Radiopharmaceutical Synthesis

Darling, R.B.

Compact Modeling of Bistable Electrostatic Actuators

Modeling of Focused Ion Beam Trimming of Cantilever Beams

Compact Models for Smart Pixels with Smart Illumination

Compact Modeling of Avalanche Breakdown in pn-Junctions for Computer-Aided ESD Design (CAD for ESD)

Physical Modeling of MEMS Cantilever Beams and the Measurement of Stiction Force

Compact Modeling of Tunneling Breakdown in PN Junctions for Computer-Aided ESD Design (CAD for ESD)

Darnaud, M.

Creation of an Aptamer Nanobiosensor for Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Heart Failure.

Darne, C.

Complex Permittivity Measurements of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes at Microwave Frequencies

Daróczi, L.

Nanoparticles Formed by Complexation of Poly-gamma-glutamic Acid with Lead Ions

Daroczi, L.

Nanoparticles Prepared by Self-assembly of Chitosan and Poly-gamma-glutamic Acid

preparation of Reactive Polymeric Nanoparticles (RPNPs)

Darr, J.

Green and Continuous Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanophosphors for Biomedical Applications

Darr, J.A.

Synthesis and Testing of Metal and Nitrogen Doped Nano-TiO2

Darragon, A.

New Developments in Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Nano Sciences