Index of Authors

Chaves, S.J.

Novel Approach using SWCNT as a Mechanism of Toxicity on Fungal and Bacterial Cells

A novel mechanism for the synthesis of ultra-purified silver nanoparticles for the use in biomedical materials

Iron-sequestering molecules play a pivotal role in the mechanism of toxicity of SWNTs on fungal and bacterial cells

Chavez, J.L.

A Fluorescence Spectroscopy Study on the Encapsulation of Hydrophobic Dyes in Core-Shell Nanoparticles

Chávez Rodríguez, N.E.

Remote Manipulation of a Robotic Arm by Using Infrared Sensors

Chavira, E.

Morphology effect dependent on the synthesis method of KxIr1-xO2 system

Chawla, K.

Reconfigurable RF Front End Section of Mobile

Chawla, P.

Reconfigurable RF Front End Section of Mobile

Meander based RF MEMS capacitive switch for Mobile Front End Terminal Antenna support

Design and Analysis of FBAR switches for RF Front-End Mobile Terminal

Che, J.

Intermittent desolvation method to prepare size-controlled BSA nanoparticle

Optimization of preparation conditions for size-controlled solid lipid nanoparticles

Che, W.

Nanoprobe for Optical Molecular Imaging

Che, Y.

An Analytic Model of the Silicon-Based Nanowire Schottky Barrier MOSFET

Analog/RF Performance Analysis of Coaxial Carbon Nanotube MOSFET from non-Equilibrium Green’s Function Simulation

Che, Y.C.

Computation Efficient yet Accurate Surface Potential Based Analytic Model for Symmetric DG MOSFETs to Predict Current-Voltage Characteristics

Cheah, W.K.

Interpretation of Anomalous Photoluminescence Peak in GaAs1-xNx Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Chebbi, I.

New Multimodal Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Nanotools for Cancer

Chedia, R.

Development of New High Performance Nanocrystalline Hard Metals

Spark Plasma Synthesis (SPS) Device for Sintering of Nanomaterials