Index of Authors

Changand, Y.Q.

Self-assembly of Nanostructured ZnO-based Homojunction by Two-step Method

Changrui, Z.

Preparation, properties and thermal control applications of silica aerogel infiltrated with solid-liquid phase change materials

Chantiwas, R.

Nanofluidic Channel Based Single Molecular Sensors in Polymer Substrate Fabricated by Novel Nanoimprinting Processes

Chao, B.

Improving Adsorption Capacity of Ordered Mesoporous Carbon (OMC) Through Addition of Crosslink Agent

Chao, C-J.

A New Continuous Model for Deep Submicron MOSFETs

Chao, C.H.

Microcap Selective Packaging through Flip Chip Alignment

High-density Optical Disk Mastering Using Electron Beam Lithography with Modified LIGA Demolding Mechanism

Chao, K-J

Wafer Scale Fabrication of Nano Probes for Atomic Force Microscopy

Chao, K.

Development of SERS Spectroscopy for Routine and Rapid Identification of Escherichia Coli and Listeria Monocytogenes on Ag Colloidal Nanoparticles

Chao, K.-S.

An Integrated Optofluidic System for Two-Dimensional Focus Point Control

Chao, S-H

Continuous Flow Real-Time Pcr Platform for High Throughput Environmental Monitoring

Chao, T-S

Impacts of High-k Offset Spacer on 65-nm Node SOI Devices

Novel FD SOI Devices Structure for Low Standby Power Applications

Chao, T-S.

Parallel Dynamic Load Balancing for Semiconductor Device Simulations on a Linux Cluster

Chao, W-C

Superposition Behavior in Babinet's Effect on the Nano Au Particles Patterns

Chao, Y.S.

Targeting Nanoparticle Probes to Differentiating Stem Cells

Chapel, J.-P.

Organic versus Hybrid Coacervate Complexes: Co-Assembly and Adsorption Properties

Redispersible hybrid nanopowders: cerium oxide nanoparticle complexes with phosphonated-peg oligomers

Highly Stable and Oppositely Charged Hybrid Nanoparticles/Tubes. Fine Tuning of Electro-steric interactions To Fabricate Functional Surfaces

Chapman, H.

Novel Nanoparticles for Cancer Detection and Prevention