Index of Authors

Chang, H.

First-principles studies of electrophilic molecules on the carbon nanotubes

Evaluation of Antibacterial Activities of Zinc Oxide-Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposites Prepared by Sol-Gel Method

Synthesis of Porous Nanostructured Silica Particles by an Aerosol Templating Method

Non-destructive 3D Imaging of Nano-structures with Multi-scale X-ray Microscopy

Synthesis of hollow silica particles with tunables ize,shell thickness,and morphology

Chang, H.-H.

The Interaction of Protein-Modified Nanodiamond with Bacterial Cells

Chang, H.-Y.

Fabrication of Magnetic Poly (ethylene glycol) Hydrogels Blocks Using Microfluidic System for Cell Patterning Techniques

Fabrication of PEG Hydrogel Microstructures in Microfluidic System for Multicellular Spheroid Formation, Culturing and Analysis

Chang, H.C.

On the Determination of Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Thermal Oxide

Chang, H.K.

Label-Free, Electrical Detection of the SARS Virus N-Protein with Nanowire Biosensors Utilizing Antibody Mimics as Capture Probes

Chang, I-L

Size-Dependent Elastic Moduli of Nanofilms

Chang, J-S

Synthesis and Application of Nanofabricated Nanoporous Materials

Chang, J.

High resolution imaging of biological materials using hydrophobic carbon nanotube AFM probes

Large area, directionally aligned single-walled carbon nanotube thin film by self-assembly and compressed sliding methods

Plasmonic Nanobubbles for Intracellular Targeting and Gene Therapy

Chang, J.K.

Microfabricated Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorter with Hydrodynamic Flow Manipulation

Highly Efficient Electro-permeabilization of Mammalian Cells Using Micro-electroporation Chip

Conjugation of DNA to Streptavidin-coated Quantum Dots for the Real-time Imaging of Gene Transfer into Live Cells

Active Sealing for Soft Poymer Microchips

In Situ Investigation of Uptake Phenomena of Biological Molecules and Silica Nanoparticles into Mammalian Cells in Microstructures