Index of Authors

Chang, C-J

Negative-Poisson’s-Ratio (NPR) Microstructural Material by Soft-Joint Mechanism

Chang, C.

The Application of Ansperical Microlens Array on Direct Backlight System

Chang, C.-C.

TiO2/CNT coaxial composite array with visible-light absorption

Fabrications of Bifunctional Janus and Triblock Saturn Colloids

Ultrasensitive Protein Detection Using an Au/ZnO SPR-Based Biosensor

Chang, C.C.

Synthesis and Photodynamic Efficacy of PAMAM-Photosensitiser Conjugates in Vitro

Carbon Nanotube Cathode on Metal Surface Formed with BGA Balls

Chang, C.H.

Investigation of Local-Strain Effect of the Nano-Scale Triple Gate Si/SiGe and SiN/Si Stacking MOS Transistor

Chang, C.L.

Characterization of an Electro-thermal Microactuator with Multi-lateral Motion in Plane

Chang, C.Y.

Characterization and Modeling of Silicon Tapered Inductors

Chang, E.Y.

Shape Effect on the Reflectance of Sub-Wavelength Structures on Silicon Nitride for Solar Cell Application

Chang, F-C

Preparation of size-controllable (Cu-ZnO)@C core- and yolk-shell nanoparticles

Decomposition of Methanol Catalyzed by Cu-ZnO@C

Chang, F.-Y.

An amperometric on-chip glucose biosensor based on enzyme entrapment with pre-reaction to lower interference in a flow injection system

Chang, H-T

Random Work Function Induced DC Characteristic Fluctuation in 16-nm High-k/Metal Gate Bulk and SOI FinFETs

On Statistical Variation of MOSFETs Induced by Random-Discrete-Dopants and Random-Interface-Traps

Random Dopant Fluctuation in 10-nm-Gate Multi-Channel Gate-All-Around Nanowire Field Effect Transistors

Chang, H.

First-Principles Studies of SnS2 Nanotubes

Interaction of DNA with Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Implication to the Bio-Sensors

Fabrication of CuO Nanofilm preparation by Electrophoretic Deposition