Index of Authors

Cai, T.

Multifunctional magnetic hydrogels with polyethylene glycol-derivative colloidal nanospheres for drug delivery and hyperthermia applications

Cai, W.

A Physically-Based Model for Oxidation in a Circular Trench in Silicon

A Physically-Based Model for Oxidation in a Circular Trench in Silicon

Bulk-Size Transparent Gadolinium Oxide-Polymer Nanocomposites for Gamma Ray Scintillation

Cai, W.Z.

A Distributed Compact Model for High-Density, On-Chip Trench Capacitors in High-Frequency Applications

Cai, X.

Application of Genetic Algorithm to Compact Model Parameter Extraction

An A Priori Hysteresis Modeling Methodology for Improved Efficiency and Model Accuracy in Advanced PD SOI Technologies

Cai, Y.

The Large Scale Fabrication of Protein Nanoarrays Based on Nanosphere Lithography

Mid-infrared Silicon Microphotonic Cavities with High Resonance of Q~10^5

Cai, Z.

Microstructure and tribological properties of CrTiAlN nanoscale composite coatings on 65Mn steels deposited by multi arc ion plating technology

Caillat, P.

Numerical Modeling of Diffusion in Extracellular Space of Biological Cell Clusters and Tumors

Dimensioning of a New Micro-Needle for the Dispense of Drugs in Tumors and Cell Clusters

Development of a specific micro/nanodevice validating the concept of molecular biopsy

Specific device for cells sampling

On the behavior of non-Newtonian fluids in microsystems for biotechnology

The Physics of Pressure Powered Micro-Flow Focusing Device for the Encapsulation of Live Cells

A Model for Enhanced Chemiluminescence Reactions in Microsystems

Caillier, L.

Innovative Gas Sensors for Sub-ppm Detection of Organophosphorus Nerve Agents by Chemically Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors

Caimmi, F.

Health monitoring of flexible composite plates: a MEMS-based approach

Cain, M.

Interactions between Carbon Nanotubes and Liquids: Imbibition and Wetting