Index of Authors

Cumberbatch, E.C.

SOS Gate Capacitance Modeling

Compact Models for Asymmetric Double Gate MOSFETs

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Nano-Electronic Sensors - Practical Device Designs for Sensors

Cumming, J.

Self-Sustaining Meteorological Wireless Sensor Networks

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Multi-Functional Carbon Nanotube Based Filtration Material

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Computer Simulation of Nanoparticle Sintering

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Theory, Development and Applications of the Advanced Compact MOSFET (ACM) Model

Extraction of Mosfet Effective Channel Length and Width Based on the Transconductance-To-Current Ratio

Unambiguous Extraction of Threshold Voltage Based on the Transconductance-to-Current Ratio

Theory, Development and Applications of the Advanced Compact MOSFET (ACM) Model

Interrelations between Threshold Voltage Definitions and Extraction Methods

Consistency of compact MOSFET models with the Pao-Sah formulation: consequences for small-signal analysis

Charge-Based Threshold Voltage Definition for Undoped Single Gate and Symmetric Double Gate MOSFETs

Cunha, J.

Improvement of Polycaprolactone Nanofibers Topographies: Testing the Influence in Osteoblastic Proliferation

Patterned nanofiber meshes for biomedical applications

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Drug delivery system based on inorganic layered materials

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An OMICs Approach for Assessing the Safety of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Human Skin and Lung Cells

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Coupled Package-Device Modeling for MEMS

Cupelli, C.

Compact Model of a Laminar Micro Mixer

Curiel, M.

Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Structures with Two and Three-Region Gate Dielectric Containing Silicon Nanocrystals: Structural, Infrared and Electrical Properties