Index of Authors

Cui, D.

Developing PbSe/PbS Core-Shell Nanocrystals Quantum Dots (NQDs) for Light Emitting NQD/Silicon Heterojunctions

Functional Polymer Micro- and Nanostructures by Nanoimprint

Cui, F.

Sustainable production of 1,2-propanediol: Clean hydrogenolysis of glycerol over highly stable Cu-Ce/SiO2 nanocatalyst

Cui, H.

Application of anatase TiO2 sol derived from peroxotitannic acid in crop plant diseases control and growth regulation

Cui, K.

The Microstructure and Computed Magnetic Properties of Nanoscaled Permanent Magnets

Differential Cytotoxicity of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles

Comprehensive Microscopy Analysis of Au/Ag Nanoclusters on Silica Nanospheres

Cui, T.

Microfabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Suspended Carbon Microstructures

Cui, W.

The Design, Fabrication and Characterization of A Novel Miniature Silicon Microphone Diaphragm

Cui, X.

Pt and Pt-Ru/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites Synthesized in Supercritical Fluid as Electrocatalysts for Low-Temperature Fuel Cells

Cui, X.D.

Self-assembly of Nanostructured ZnO-based Homojunction by Two-step Method

Cui, Y.

Research on Preparation of Nano-Barium Titanate and Dielectric Property of Barium Titanate Ceramic Capacitor

Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube/Graphene Hybrid Foam

Cui, Z.

Computer Simulation from Electron Beam Lithography to Optical Lithography

Fabrication and characterization of thin-film transistors based on printable functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes

Rectifying properties of printed hybrid organic/inorganic diode on a flexible substrate

Thin film transistors with printed semiconductive oxide channel and silver source-drain electrodes

Development of materials and printing methods for fabrication of thin-film transistors on flexible substrates

Gravure Printed Network Based on Silver Nanowire for Transparent Electrode

Fabrication and characterization of thin-film transistors based on Peri-xanthenoxanthene (PXX) derivative