Index of Authors

Chung, U-I

Uniform Nanoparticle based Monolayers Deposited by a Modified Spin Coating Technique

Diameter controlled synthesis of carbon nanotubes by CVD using steric-stabilized iron nanoparticle catalysts

Chung, W.

Identification of PCR Product by double-strand DNA Denaturation using Label-free Field-effect Transistor

Chung, Y-C

Ab Initio Calculations on Magnetic Properties of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

Chung, Y.-C.

The Structure and Properties of ta-C Film with Dispersion of Incident Beam Energy

Chung, Y.-J.

Atomic Scale Understanding of Intermixing Behavior of Thin Metal Multilayer

Chung, Y.B.

Thin film solar cell based on microcrystalline nanostructure silicon grown in low temperature condition

Chung, Y.C.

Phosphorylcholine-protected Nanoparticles Functionalized with Both Magnetic and Photoluminescent Properties

Chung, Y.H.

Conversion of carbon dioxide to methanol

Chungb, S.L.

Dye-sensitized solar cell using a TiO2 nanocrystalline film electrode prepared by solution combustion synthesis

Chunqi, G.

A Scalable RF Model of the Metal-Oxide-Metal (MOM) Capacitor

Chuo, Y.

Prevention and Risk Reduction in Heart Health

Chuong, T.

Reversing Coagulopathy and Internal Hemorrhage with Functionalized Nanoparticles

Chuprakov, S.A.

Nanostructure of Interfaces and Giant Magnetoresistance of Co/Cu Superlattices

Chuprov, S.S.

Identification of Endohedral Metallofullerenes by Method of UV-VIS Spectroscopy

Church, G.M.

Accurate High-throughput Gene Synthesis Using Programmable DNA Microfluidic Microchips

Churchill, B.M.

Microfluidic T-Form Mixer Utilizing Pressure Disturbances

Chuvilin, D.Y.

Hybrid Nanoparticles Targeted by Antitumor Antibodies and Emitting Alpha-particles

Chwalek, J.M.

Surface Tension Induced Instability of Viscous Liquid Jets

Novel Microfluidic Jet Deflection: Significant Modeling Challenge with Great Application Potential