Index of Authors

Cho, T.P.

Deposition of layered TiO2/N,C-ITO film electrodes for solar hydrogen production via water splitting

Cho, W-J

Water-Soluble, Carboxyl-Modified Silicon Nanoparticles

Inner Sidewall Gate MOSFET with HfO2 gate Dielectric and Pt electrode

Cho, Y-H

Analysis and Characterization of Laterally Induced Electrostatic Repulsive Forces

Cho, Y-J

Au Nanoparticle Coupled- Surface Plasmon Resonance Chemical Sensor for Sensitivity Enhancement

Cho, Y-J.

Au Nanoparticle Coupled- Surface Plasmon Resonance Immuno-sensor for Sensitivity Enhancement

Cho, Y-K

One-step Pathogen Specific DNA Extraction from Whole Blood On a Centrifugal Microfluidic Device

Multifunctional Microvalves Control by Optical Illumination on Nanoheaters and its Application in Centrifugal Microfluidic Devices

Cho, Y-Y

Diode Laser Welding of Planar Microfluidic Devices, BioMEMS, Diagnostic Chips & Microarrays

Cho, Y.

Field Emission of Carbon Nanotubes and the Electronic Structure of Fullerenes Encapsulated in Carbon Nanotubes

Ferritin-based Hybrid Nanofibers with Magnetic Properties

Cho, Y.-J.

Robust thin spin-coated silver films with polymer thin layers for SPR image sensor applications

Cho, Y.J.

Solubilization of Capsaicin and Its Nanoemulsion Formation in the Sonication and Self-Assembly Processes

Cho, Y.K.

One-step Target Protein detection from Whole Blood in a Lab-on-a-Disc

Transitions Between Epithelial and Mesenchymal States in Microfluidic Platform: Acquisition of Malignant and Stem Cell Traits

Chodavarapu, V.P.

3-axis Capacitive Low-Gravity MEMS Accelerometer with Zero Cross-Axis Sensitivity in a Commercial Process

Towards Wireless Implantable Pressure Sensor to Monitor Compartment Syndrome in Trauma Victims

Choe, H.C.

Mechanical Properties of Nano-Structure Controlled Ti-Hf Alloy for Dental Implant

Effects of Zr Content on the Electrochemical Characteristics of Nano-Structure Controlled Ti-alloys

Nano-Surface Behavior of Osteoblast Cell-Cultured Ti-30(Nb,Ta) with Low Elastic Modulus