Index of Authors

Cho, J-H.

Eigenvalue Analysis of Tunable Micro-mechanical Actuator

Cho, J-M

A New Method of Excluding The External Acceleration’s Effect in a Micromachined Magnetometer for Navigation Systems

Cho, J-S

Prevention of Coalescence Stage from Nuclei at Initial Growth of Thin Film by Substrate Rotation in Physical Vapour Deposition

Cho, J-W

Nonlinear Micromachined Flexure for Stiction Reduction

Cho, J.

Comprehensive Microscopy Analysis of Au/Ag Nanoclusters on Silica Nanospheres

Solution Growth of Nanostructured Ceramic Films

Cho, J.-Y.

Microscopic Characterization of Nanocomposite based on the Mixture of Carbon Nanotube and Rosette Nanotube

Cho, J.H.

Analysis of Micromachined PZT Membranes for MEMS Power

Cho, J.M.

Rapid Metallization of Silver and Copper Nano Inks by Surface Wave Plasma Sintering

Cho, J.W.

Compact Electromagnetic XY Stage with Nano Scale Resolution and Vibration Resistance

Cho, K.

Nanopatterning of Periodically Strained Surfaces - A Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation Study

Highly Efficient Electro-permeabilization of Mammalian Cells Using Micro-electroporation Chip

Amphiphilic Self-assembled Nanoparticles Composed of Chitosan and Ursolic Acid for Protein Delivery on the Skin

Active Sealing for Soft Poymer Microchips

In Situ Investigation of Uptake Phenomena of Biological Molecules and Silica Nanoparticles into Mammalian Cells in Microstructures

Microkinetic Study of Oxygenate and Hydrocarbon Formation from Syngas on Rhodium and Cobalt Surfaces: Effect of Site Structure on Catalytic Cycles

Cho, K.-J.

Patterned Atomic Layer Deposition on Scanning Tunneling Microscope constructed templates

Cho, S.

Background free biosensor using the combination of graphene oxide and Fe3O4 nanoparticles

Cho, S.K.

Dual Modal Gene Expression and Silencing Using Viral/Nonviral Chimeric Nanoparticles for Synergistic Gene Therapy

Cho, S.W.

Ti-based nanocrystallites formation by high-energy milling