Index of Authors

Cherepy, N.

Bulk-Size Transparent Gadolinium Oxide-Polymer Nanocomposites for Gamma Ray Scintillation

Cherian, S.

Microcantilever Array Sensor for DNA and RNA Detection

Cherifi, S.

AFM Anodization Studied by Spectromicroscopy

Chernenko, T.

Label-free Raman Micro-Spectral Imaging of the Microenvironment of PANC-1 Spheroids

Chernoff, D.A.

Atomic Force/Scanning Probe Microscopy of Pharmaceutical and Biological Materials

Chernov, A.A.

Scanning probe-based fabrication of 3D nanostructures via affinity templates, functional RNA and meniscus-mediated surface remodeling

Chertok, B.

Strategies for enhanced brain tumor accumulation of magnetic nanoparticles for potential drug delivery

Cheskis, D.

Artificial Nanostructure Materials for Optical Power Control Devices

Chesnokova, A.

Molecular Changes in Rat Brain Due to Air Nano Pollution

Chesters, E.

Hierarchical Approach to Simulation in a Vertical System for the TriCore Microcontroller

Cheuk, S.

Synthesis and Self-assembling Properties of Functionalized Glycolipids

Cheung, C-L

Assembly of Oriented Virus Arrays by Chemo-Selective Ligation Methods and Nanolithography Techniques

Cheung, C.L.

Future of Semiconductor Based Thermal Neutron Detectors

Cheung, K.Y.

Nanoengineered Encapsulation of Organic Microcrystal as Novel Biolabels

Cheung, M.

Peptide Nanoparticle Catalysis

Cheung, R.

MEMS Resonator Tuning using Focused Ion Beam Platinum Deposition

Mechanical Properties of Polycrystalline 3C-SiC Heteroepitaxial Layers

Cheung, S.W.H.

CNS Regeneration After Chronic Injury Using a Self-assembled Nano Material

Cheung, W.

Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites: Role of DNA Functionalized Carbon

Improve Contacts in Carbon Nanotube Networks by In situ Polymerization of Thin Skin of Self-Doped Conducting Polymer