Index of Authors

Campbell, C.T.

A Demonstration of High-throughput Immunoassay and Small Molecule Binding on Protein Microarrays with SPR Microscopy

Optimizing antibody microarrays for high resolution SPR microscopy

Campbell, E.E.B.

Growth of Individual Vertically Aligned Nanotubes/Nanofibers with Small Diameter by PECVD on Different Metal Underlayers

Campbell, P.A.

Modelling the Microscopic Mechanisms of Sonoporation

Microscopic Mechanism of Sonoporation

Campbell, S.A.

N-channel Single Crystal Si Nanoparticle Schottky Barrier Transistor

Electroluminescence from Surface Oxidized Silicon Nanoparticles Randomly Dispersed within a Polymer Matrix

400-900 nm Light Emitting Silicon Nanoparticles

Campbell, T.

A Needs-based Assessment of Measurements for Nanotechnology / Environmental Health and Safety

Campbell, T.A.

Synthesis of Non-Spherical CdSe Quantum Dots

Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Quantum Dot Nano-Inks

Fluorescent Microspheres as Tags for Anti-Counterfeiting of Textiles

Campbell, V.

Static Magnetic Field Effects on Cells: A Possible Road to Cell Differentiation

Campero, A.

QBITS Simulations for Develompment of Quantum Computer using the DSP 6711

An Architecture of Quantum CPU

Quantum Gates Simulator Based on DSP TI6711

Quantum Fourier Transform Circuit Simulator

Campione, M.

Effect of functionalization on the self-assembling propensity of beta sheet forming peptides

Campo-Cortes, F.

Generation of monodisperse microemulsions in the colloidal range and stabilized monodisperse microbubbles with diameters of $5$ microns using two different types of micro fluidic devices

Campos, R.

Patterned nanofiber meshes for biomedical applications