Index of Authors

Chen, Y.C.

Nanoparticle-enhanced Magnetic Field Induces Apoptosis in Nematode

Chen, Y.F.

An Chip-based-Instant Protein Micro Array Formation and Detection System

Controllable synthesis of patterned ZnO nanostructures based on the templation of plant cell walls

Chen, Y.J.

Fabrication of Well-aligned and Mono-modal Germanium Dots on the Silicon Substrate with Trench-ridge Nano-structures

Chen, Y.K.

Characterization of an Electro-thermal Microactuator with Multi-lateral Motion in Plane

Chen, Y.L.

Lipid Nanoparticles as Novel Carrier for Broad-spectrum Sunscreen Formulations

Chen, Y.P.

Characterization of graphene segregated on Ni

Chen, Z.

High-Fidelity and Behavioral Simulation of Air Damping in MEMS

High-Fidelity and Reduced Models of Synthetic Microjets

Numerical Simulation of Electroosmotic Flow in Micro Channels with Analytical Integration of Surface Potential

Cutting Fluorinated/Ozonated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Pyrolysis

A History of Electronic Traps on Silicon Surfaces and Interfaces

High Conentration of Interface Traps in MOS Transistor Modeling

Nanomechanical characterization of UV curable hyperbranched polymers

Numerical Analysis of Nanofluidic Sample Preconcentration in Hydrodynamic Flow

Interface-trap Charges on Recombination DC Current-Voltage Characteristics in MOS transistors

Interface Traps in Surface-Potential-Based MOSFET Models

Compact Model Application to Statistical/Probabilistic Technology Variations

A Simple, Accurate Capacitance-Voltage Model of Undoped Silicon Nanowire MOSFETs

Stable Superhydrophobic TiO2-based Nanobelt Films with Controllable Transparence and Adhesion