Index of Authors

Bhattacharyya, A.

Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Carbon/Polymer Composites

Bhattacharyya, T.K.

Development of Surface-micromachined Binary Logic Gate for Low Frequncy Signal Processing in MEMS based Sensor Applications

Bhatti, H.S.

Enhanced oscillator strengths and optical parameters of doped ZnS bulk and nanophosphors

Bhave, S.A.

Micromechanical Pierce Oscillator for Resonant Sensing Applications

Bhavsar, M.D.

Formulation Optimization for the Nanoparticles-in-Microsphere Hybrid Oral Delivery Systems Using Factorial Design

Bhiladvala, R.

Anomalous Thermomechanical Softening-Hardening Transitions in Micro-oscillators

Bhojappa, S.

Removal of Selenium from Aqueous Solutions Using Magnetite Nanoparticles as Adsorbent

Bhosale, R.

Sol-gel Synthesis of Ferrite Foam Materials for H2 Generation from Water-Splitting Reaction

Synthesis of Nano-Sized Ferrite Materials for H2 Generation from High Temperature Water-Splitting Reaction

Integrated Photocatalytic and Microbial Degradation of Kraft Lignin

Bhosale, R.R.

Solar Thermochemical Water-Splitting for H2 Generation Using Sol-Gel Derived Ferrite Nanomaterials

Bhowmik, S.

Fabrication and optical properties of nanoscale arrays of Au and Pd in polymers

Bhown, A.S.

Status of CO2 Capture Technologies

Bhuiyan, M.S.

Synthesis and Characterization of Anodized Titanium Oxide Nanotubes Arrays

Bhunia, S.

Hybridization of CMOS with CNT-based Complementary Nano Electro-Mechanical Switch for Low-Leakage and Robust Embedded Memory Design

Bhushan, A.

Transport of Multiple Enzymes through Semipermeable Membrane and Effect of Surfactants

Transport of Ionic Electrolytes and Proteins through Semipermeable Membrane

Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles Can Exert Cytotoxic Effects on Neural Cells

Cytotoxic Effects of Short Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes

Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles Exert Dissimilar Cytotoxic Effects on Mammalian Cell Types