Index of Authors

Bennati, M.

Quantitative Detection by Single Ion Channel Event Statistics: an Algorithmic Approach

Bennett, C.R.

Squeezed Electrons in GaN Quantum Wells

Bennett, D.J.

Field-induced Dielectrophoresis and Phase Separation for Manipulating Particles in Microfluidics

Nanobiotechnology: Responsible Action on Issues in Society and Ethics

Bennett, G.

Isolation and Characterization of Benzene Degrading Bacteria from Gasoline Contaminated Water

Benneyan, J.C.

Monte Carlo Multi-Criteria Risk Analysis of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Production Processes Under Uncertain Manufacturing Costs, Occupational Health Risks, and Regulatory Standards

Bennion, I.

Femtosecond Inscription of the First Order Bragg Gratings in Pure Fused Silica

Benoit, M.

First-Principles Molecular-Dynamics Simulations of a Hydrous Silica Melt: Hydrogen Diffusion Mechanisms and Electronic Properties

Bensaoula, A.

Solar-Blind Dual-Band UV/IR Photodetectors Integrated on a Single Chip

Nano-Engineered Dielectrics for Energy Storage Solutions

Improved Nanoreinforced Composite Material Bonds with Potential Sensing Capabilities

(Au, Ag, Ti)-SiO2 Core-Shell Nanoparticles Based Polymer Nanodielectrics for Energy Storage Applications

Benselama, A.

Modeling of the Dielectrophoretic Forces Acting upon Biological Cells: A Numerical Comparison between Finite Element/Boundary Element Maxwell Stress Tensor Methods and Dipole Point Approach

Benson, D.A.

Finite Element Modeling of a Microhotplate for Microfluidic Applications

Benson, J.

A Physical Compact MOSFET Mobility Model Including Accurate Calculation of Saturation Surface Potential.

Benson, S.

Biomolecule Electrostatic Optimization with an Implicit Hessian

Bentley, J.

Biomass Power Generation Using Liquid Tin Anode SOFC

Benyahia, B.

Control of the morphology of nanoparticles resulting from the dynamic optimization of a fed-batch emulsion copolymerization process

Benyattou, T.

Opto-Electro-Mechanical model for MOEMS

Benyettou, F.

Anticancer Iron Oxide Nanoparticles